After leading your class through several of the Unruly Activities, your students will be ready to start developing their own games. 

New Rules, Same Code

You can have students start with a built program and create their own rules. Game Creator in the Core Activity Pack focuses on this process. It is a great way to ease students into the creation process!

Game Creator Code

Modifying Existing Code

Present students with a program and encourage them to modify the code to create a new game! We encourage students to do this in many of our activities.

Guided Exploration

Exploring different coding areas can be a great way to build confidence before independent game creation. Splats DJ focuses on the Sound blocks in our app, but you can lead a similar activity with lights, sensing, or scoring.

Prompted Game Development

Use the Unruly Game Development cards, found in Classroom Resources to support students in coming up with their own games. You can use these cards in a variety of ways– from quick brainstorming exercises to building full games.

Original Game Development

Many of your students will already have a game idea that is waiting to be built! Support students throughout the full game development process.