Virtual Splats & Debugging

When building out a project, you will no doubt make mistakes. Maybe you can’t figure out how to get a particular feature to work, like a sequence of lights or a tricky point system. Maybe your code was doing what you wanted it to do one minute but not the next. Errors, or bugs, are

Setting Up Profiles

When opening the Splats app, you will be prompted to either load a profile or create a new one. If it is your first time using the app, you must create a new profile. To do this, select Create New Profile. Tap the arrows to select your favorite character. Press continue when you’re ready. Enter a username

Unruly Game Design Part 1

After leading your class through several of the Unruly Activities, your students will be ready to start developing their own games.  New Rules, Same Code You can have students start with a built program and create their own rules. Game Creator in the Core Activity Pack focuses on this process. It is a great way to ease

Timers, Countdowns, Stopwatches Oh My!

Time is an important element of most games. The Unruly Splats block language provides a few different ways of measuring time using the Stopwatch widget. Let's take a closer look at the Stopwatch and how it is used in play. Meet the Stopwatch The Stopwatch appears in the widget area above the Virtual Splats and the Run


Connecting (and re-connecting) Splats

After selecting your profile in the app, you will be prompted to connect your Splats. Any turned-on, non-connected Splats will appear on the connection screen. Simply tap on the Splats to connect. Each Splat will light up with the Splat number they are assigned after connection (If a Splat you want to connect does not have

Saving and Deleting Game Files

To save your project, tap on the Folder in the User Tray. Select Save My Project and name your project. Select Save. If you modify your project, make sure to save! Go back to Save My Project and tap Save to save it with the same name. If you would like to Save As, or save