Connecting (and re-connecting) Splats

After selecting your profile in the app, you will be prompted to connect your Splats. Any turned-on, non-connected Splats will appear on the connection screen. Simply tap on the Splats to connect. Each Splat will light up with the Splat number they are assigned after connection (If a Splat you want to connect does not have

Wild Horses, a Game for 2 Splats

Created by GSA Splat 2 Splats, 1 Player You  are  enjoying  a  walk  in  an  open  field  when  suddenly WILDHORSES  charge  out  of  nowhere!  Hurry  and  run  to  SAFTEY! After  you  build  the  code,  place  the  two  Splats  about  2  feet apart. When  you  are  ready,  hit  the  RUN  button  on  your  app.  Splat  1  will start  flashing

Saving and Deleting Game Files

To save your project, tap on the Folder in the User Tray. Select Save My Project and name your project. Select Save. If you modify your project, make sure to save! Go back to Save My Project and tap Save to save it with the same name. If you would like to Save As, or save